Help solve the problem. It is necessary with the help of canvas to stretch the image to full screen, without loss of quality. And so that when the window is resized, the image is adjusted to the dimensions. In general, the customer wants it here ( ). This site is implemented using a flash.

Or tell me other ways to solve the problem. I would be grateful for links to flash modules that stretch the image so much.

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    What better canvas, flash or css3 you choose, yes.

    Here is an example with canvas. Only it is necessary to correctly consider the width and height and the offset, when the window sizes have different proportions from the picture. In general, everything is possible and realizable.

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      I'm sure there is already some plugin that calculates it - toliklunev
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      plugin for two lines of code? that's the whole calculation. - Yura Ivanov

    Take a look at these examples: relaxed background images in full screen with jQuery .