Cannot specify the desired directory in the console. By the method of scientific spear, I learned that if the directory name is less than 8 characters, then everything is ok, if it is 8 or more, then it writes "the wrong directory". Does she really not see a folder with a name longer than eight characters?

  • What kind of nonsense ... Maybe with space type characters or dashes like you made a mistake? Because for me, for example, a rarity when the directory is named less than 6-8 characters. And if the console does not recognize it ... - Baran
  • Well, here's the way, for example, Z: \\ home \\ yo \\ www \\ administrator \\ components - disassembled in pieces, it is mastered for long ones. (( - thedarkelf 1:09 pm

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There are a number of rules for naming files and directories; you may be violating any of them: Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces .

Typically, it can be disabled by the system.

On modern Windows (7 and older), the limitation of 8.3 rarely appears.

  • win xp from me, in general, it’s a misunderstanding of some kind)) - thedarkelf

Try putting the path in quotes.

In case there are no quotes in the path everything is bad.