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There was such a need for how to increase the root partition (ext3). Is it possible in Linux, for example using PartitionMagic or the like, that Debian won't have to be reinstalled after this operation?

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    1. Yes, it is possible to increase the root partition.
    2. If LVM was used, it can be increased on the fly. If the standard layout scheme - I'm afraid that with standard tools only through the removal of the section.
    3. You can always use PM :-) or any other "serious" disk distributor.
    • Those. I just increase the size of the partition using, for example PM, and what configs will I need to edit (fstab, lilo.conf)? - Andrey Kozhaev
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      Configs should be edited in case you add / remove partitions, i.e. will move numbering. - gecube

    Actually, any partition can be increased if there is free disk space between the partition that needs to be increased and the one that goes after it, but since it will be only if it is specially marked out
    It is possible to think about other options.
    1. If / opt is used for its intended purpose to transfer it somewhere and make symlink / opt to that old transferred opt.
    2. mount / tmp in RAM
    3. rebuild some programs in the same way so that they are not at the root.
    4. Move the part of / var somewhere (again, the same symlink is useful here)

    But still it is better not to do 4 points without the need