On the course I need a Perl interpreter, something I won’t even imagine how to write it. Any ideas?

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    Do you need to write it from scratch? And ready-made solutions do not fit? Understood nothing. - skegg
  • Ready scripts did not see interpreters. was looking bad? Well that means from scratch. you can not from scratch) it is necessary that in the browser window on the site the user can enter the program code, click on the button, and see the result of his program. sort of chewed up enough detail - Alea
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    If you use a server on your home computer, just set the pearl interpreter you want (it all depends on your OS). If on a third-party server, then you are looking for a host with pearl support, good, there are plenty of them now. Pearl interpreter is not a script, but a very serious program. - skegg
  • The site is hosted on the hosting, the theme of the course perl training system. there are lectures on it, a guest book, a system of knowledge control in the form of tests, and video training. The teacher wants the user to dial a code on the site, and see its result. it is assumed that it does not install activPerl and the local server and anything else .. but it performs everything directly on the site. here you just misunderstand me. can this be done? - Ale
  • So why not. Write the script in any language, PCP or the same pearl that receives the text entered in the window and passes it to the interpreter. You can save to a temporary file, the path to which is passed to the interpreter. Next, the output is read and sent to the client. Something like that in general terms. - skegg

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Well, make out a textarea as a terminal, write an event handler of type execPerlSource, send an asynchronous request to the server the contents of the textarea, execute it sent in some eval and return / output the result. but you don't need a general solution to the problem, right?

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    how many interesting things you can google on request "perl online interpreter" ... but I think that google is also superfluous. - nörbörnën
  • I need everything) and thanks for the general decision. - Ale
  • codepad.org/3F35rboD found an online interpreter. Eh cool) - Ale
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    upload to iframe and say what i wrote myself - nörbörnën
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    Better yet, show microsoft.com and say what you wrote yourself. Annual offset provided. - ReinRaus