I'm new to java. JAR files installed. That's what happened. Tell me where the .dll library files need to be inserted?

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    Download files GL4java.
    png.jar , gl4java.jar , gl4java-glutfonts.jar and gl4java-glffonts.jar placed in the JAVA_HOME\lib\ext folder.
    Dll files must be placed in C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows\System32 depending on the version of Windows.
    Next, you need to set permissions for GL4java. Open the JAVA_HOME\lib\security\java.policy and add the line there

     grant codeBase "file:${java.home}/lib/ext/*" { permission java.security.AllPermission; } 

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    From myself I’ll add that you may have to register dll files (or you may not have to). In the command line you need to type

     regsvr32 “C:/Windows/System32/example.dll” 
    • Thank. This is all I read immediately, and acted on this instruction. But damn it all will not help, if at the stage of creating a project in Eclipse do not specify "Use a project specific JRE" gyazo.com/63c7d949f83987beb768bb87f13556cb I pointed out by habit so ---- >>> gyazo.com/4dd749b01c1c189261b7737bb709ba31 This is the same . Why choose "Use a project specific JRE"? - serhio28
    • Next, you need to set permissions for GL4java. Open the JAVA_HOME \ lib \ security \ java.policy in notepad and add the line for me here is this line - grant codeBase "file: $ {{java.ext.dirs}} / *" {permission java.security.AllPermission; }; leave? or change to grant codeBase "file: $ {java.home} / lib / ext / *" {permission java.security.AllPermission; }? - serhio28
    • + I still cannot import this library - net.java.games.jogl.GL; where to get it? - serhio28
    • As I understand it, GL4java and JOGL are different things. For installation [JOGL] [1], see the link. [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/615899/where-can-i-download-jogl As regards permissions, the main thing is that permissions for the folder with GL4java are set, and how you specify the path is not important. - ReinRaus