Tell the OpenSource library to play files in Widnows? I would like to write a small player, but I think under Windows or even under Ubuntu!

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  • google the first link gives the desired result - Andrew Bystrov

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Hello. There is such a library BASS. Written in C. Free for non-commercial projects.

    Jlayer under java

      If you write on Silverlight and WPF, then MediaElement natively understands MP3 and a bunch of other formats.

        VLCPlayer And not only mp3, everything opens up. The only player in the world!

        • You're lying. Still everything is opened by wmp classic as part of k-lite, gome player and also a cloud of players. By the way, VLC does not lose flv. Author - forget about this idea. This is at least meaningless. Although for example a console player for win would be interesting to see. - Sergey
        • The console player for Windows is (mpg123 ported), but by the way you took it aside. I wanted an API to play MP3s. - vit1251

        Yes, making a bunch, the same bass, storm ... and others like them