What function (procedure) in delphi is responsible for remote control of the PC registry on the network? I will be glad to any answer. Thank you in advance!

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    Actually, the RegConnectRegistry API RegConnectRegistry and the corresponding wrapper class method - TRegistry always available . RegistryConnect .

      Well, as an option, you can create a client program that will receive commands from the server (in your case, the server program) and execute them on the computer. The client program must be installed on computers whose registry you plan to manage, but the server is one on your computer. By the way, it is better in this case to use control over the Internet, rather than via TCP / IP.

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        And what does not like the program client from microsoft (Remote Registry service)? The fact that she is from microsoft? And what is "Internet governance", and how does it differ from "TCP / IP" management? - alexlz
      • Much different. The TCP / IP protocol is more often used in local and corporate networks, especially in order to exercise control over this protocol, you need to have a “white” IP. - AseN
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        Sorry, I am not aware of the color differentiation of ip-addresses. "White", obviously - officially received, and recognized even by evil routers. But still the answer is very incomprehensible. Moreover, the TCP / IP protocol underlies the Internet. - alexlz
      • @Asen, enlighten those who are lagging behind, how to transfer data on the Internet without using TCP / IP? Perhaps you are just very strict with terminology, but I suspect that most, speaking TCP / IP, also imply ICMP and UDP. - avp
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        It is better to go by train than by rail :-) - karmadro4