I haven’t written in Pascal a long time ago, I have set a function and I cannot find an error.

program _1; uses crt; var y:text; minSumEl,n,g:real; i,j,k:integer; f:array[1..6,1..7] of real; m:array[2..13] of real; function OpMiSuElDi(m:array[2..13] of real;i,j,k:integer;f:array[1..6,1..7] of real):real; for k:=2 to 13 do begin m[k]:=0; for i:=1 to 6 do begin for j:=1 to 7 do begin if i+j=k then m[k]:=m[k]+f[i,j]; end; end; if m[k]<result then result:=m[k]; end; begin clrscr; assign(y,'file.dat'); reset(y); g:=0; for i:=1 to 6 do begin for j:=1 to 7 do begin read(y,f[i,j]); write(f[i,j]:4:0); end; writeln; end; minSumEl:=OpMiSuElDi();; writeln('min summa elementov diagonali=',minSumEl:4:0); writeln(' '); for i:=1 to 6 do begin for j:=1 to 7 do begin n:=f[i,j]/3; if (g=0) and (f[i,j]<0) and (frac(n)=0) then begin g:=i; writeln('otrizatelny element kratny 3 v ',i,' stroke'); end; end; end; readkey; end. 

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  1. The function is defined with arguments, and is called without them. I think, in this case, the definition of arguments is generally not necessary, since "arguments" are already defined as global variables.
  2. No begin after defining a function (remember to add a pair to it end at the end of the function)
  3. Not defined and not initialized result, + its value is not derived from the function

    You did not define the result variable in the function body, but refer to it.

    If this is Delphi, then the function returns the result via result:= , and in simple Pascal you need to assign the function name OpMiSuElDi:=