Is it possible to work with mongodb directly from the browser, without using node.js?
  • Anyway - what's the point? If the database is still needed, I don’t see absolutely no point in such perversions - Zowie
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    Thank. I thought so. Such a question arose after manipulating the command line emulator at the mongodb office. - Ghringo
  • for mongo there is a REST-API, which can post, delete, modify and retrieve data, including from js directly. Here is the [MongoLab] [1] cloud service, here [API Description] [2] for it ... [1]: [2]: for-mongodb - Yura Ivanov
  • Thanks for the link. Very interesting. - Ghringo
  • @AlexWindHope, look at Apache CouchDB, maybe you will see the point - neoascetic

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First, what's the point then in the database? What remains of it, except as a larger data warehouse, which can be cleaned or merged by anyone who feels like it? Secondly, mongodb is a database and it doesn’t require to use node.js on the server (although IMHO is the sexiest of all).

Despite the fact that this can not be done, you can sooo just write the client API to be able to execute any requests, but keep in mind, they can also be executed by any user who knows JavaScript.

  • The scope of this solution is. Sharing data for one user from different devices. Each user works with his data and only. On the computer, logged in, entered the data, they are available to the same user for the same authorization on his phone or tablet. Considering that it is now fashionable to write cross-app applications on html5, fat clients, they lack only data in the cloud. In the market, quite often I see in the comments to the applications like shopping list a request to save to the cloud ... - Yura Ivanov
  • Example. I wrote a gps recorder for my wife, uploaded it to her phone, and I look where she went :) - Yura Ivanov
  • I did not understand the essence - for the things described by you it is not at all necessary to use such an approach, if something is wrong, please correct - Zowie
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    In this case, there is no server logic. All logic is written on the client, it is necessary to store the data, external. At the same time, there is no unauthorized access to the data, the user is alone, works only with his data. I do not know how to more accurately convey the idea. - Yura Ivanov