Any algorithm for solving the Gauss method with the slides, without using classes. Help me please.

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The most important thing is to bring the system to a triangular form. The first thing that comes to mind is: We divide all the elements of the first line by the first number of this line. We get a string of the form [1 X1 X2 X3 ... XN], where X is some numbers (the first element is 1). Then we multiply all the elements of the first line by the element opposite to the first element of the lower lines, and we add, these lines will look like [0 x1 x2 ... xn] (In all the lines below the first line there will be the first element 0). Already the second line is divided by the second element to make one, and so on. I tried to express my thought as clearly as possible, I hope that I did it))

  • I want to clarify the answer: decide as you learned in Vishma. Also do not forget, most likely they will wait for you not on how you decide on a piece of paper, but without sorting for the convenience of strings. If you are interested in SLAU, I would recommend to make both options. A more optimized method will in any case be more valuable than a regular frontal one. - Sergey