Hello! Tell me please! I look through the site in Firebag, there are some elements, I noted on the screen shot. Because of this stuff all the divs are dancing. And this is observed at my workstation, and when copying to the hosting everything is displayed normally. A link to a site on the net can help . Screen shot - everything is shown on it.

alt text

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    unpleasant brown color, unreadable hider, links leading to nowhere in the menu, fixed resolution ... and you're worried about the divas who have moved down =) - Specter
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    The brown color hints at us what a saitik is made of ... :-D - karmadro4
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    @BETEP, on this resource, your stay has just ended. - Sh4dow

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You have problems inside the template files. This character is a BOM in HTML entity. Delete the BOM in your templates and everything will be OK.

  • Oooh great! Thank you :) Indeed, it was recoded to UTF-8 without BOM and everything was fine :) - archisova