Collected a long time ago a bunch of WAMP. PHP 5.2.8. Especially did not pay attention all this time, because visually not felt, but if relatively one store script on a cheap hosting works almost 10 times faster. I also have a very hard drupal. Although my car seems to be not weak and there are no competing programs. If anyone knows how to increase the speed of php on windows, tell me pliz. What settings can.

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    Most likely, an op-code cache is on the hosting, but not on a Windows machine. I think so. eaccelerator apc, etc.

    • hmm, maybe ... - craftman
    • Is on the hosting put cachers? - razielsd
    • and on LAN accelerator should be set? I also wanted to sort out the benchmarks, test the load. And if you put the accelerator, will it distort the test result? - craftman
    • one
      I put it, just download the necessary dll and prescribe it in php.ini. The results will be distorted, of course, the n-th time PHP spends on the generation of the op-code, this time will not be spent with the cache. That's all. - Nord001
    • You just decide what you want. Or hosting on your machine or dev machine. If the first - then put yourself a bunch of Apache, PHP, MySQL and more nginx. With casher. Correctly configuring MySQL. What would have been a large cache for requests, and generally configured correctly. - Nord001
    1. You mess up your hard drive, go over it with a skandisk and make defragmentation.
    2. PHP works in cgi mode
    3. You have a call somewhere on the network.
    4. The most effective - try podebagit . By the way, xdebug can help you with this, a small dock that I haven’t read, but the screens look like the truth.
    • xdebug-ohm just use it. This applies to all scripts, not just one - craftman