package credit; public class Credit { String Surname; String Name; public void register(String S,String N) { Surname = S; Name = N; } public void show() { System.out.println("Фамилия "+Name); System.out.println("Имя "+Surname); } } // Это Родитель,здесь нету ошибок package credit2; public class Credit1 extends **Credit** { int Summa; public void register(String S,String N,int sum) { **super.reigster(S,N);** Summa = sum; } public void show() { **;** System.out.println(Summa); } public static void main(String[] args) { **Credit** t1 = new **Credit**(); **Credit** t2 = new **Credit**(); Credit1 t3 = new Credit1(); t1.register("Ivanov","Vasya"); t2.register("Kozlov","Dima"); t3.register("Luchin","Mark");;;; } } 

This is a descendant that I emphasized bold. It gives errors.

  • and what for IDE? Eclipse would correct you ... in general, a notebook just would not correct it - Gorets
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In the credit2 package, enter:

 package credit2; import credit.Credit; //дальше как обычно 


not super.reigster(S,N); , and super.register(S,N);

PS Well, the programmers have gone, they do not even know how to interpret the errors shown by IDE ... Where is the country heading? Punch cards on you not!

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  • It gives the error "package credit does not exist", I understand that if translated into RU, then such a folder is translated does not exist. PS IDE shows you cant find the symbol, and that's it. - Alibek
  • Mlyn - so you check is in the credit directory file - Barmaley

Error: super.reigster (S, N) -super.register (S, N). And everything seems to be ... at least it works for me ... although the example itself is not entirely clear (meaning) ...

  • PS Sorry, of course, also "import" - barmaglott
  • It gives the error "package credit does not exist", I understand that if translated into RU, then the translated such folder does not exist. - Alibek
  • delete these packages nafig =) re-do them import, throw off classes in one package - Gorets
  • plz Drop off the implementation on NetBeans, and this way I am twisting, EVERYTHING IS EQUALLY SOMETHING NOT THAT (((( - Alibek
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In NetBeans, everything is working fine. The error, as previously noted, in the line:

super.reigster (s, n);

Make classes in one package. I would also make an annotation to the method: public void show () in the class Credit1, since you redefine it :) And one more error: you need to swap Name and Surname in the show () method.

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  • That's right, @Alibek, sculpt. The main thing is more and the most important tasks. Just then, a conversation with the customer about the correction of super-programs will start with 6 zeros (better than Baku ones). - avp
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  • @Alibek, thank you :) This is not meticulousness, but only attention to trifles, which in your code led to errors :) At one time, and I was so sick, but corrected and now it's easier for me :) I noticed correctly about Edison, be more persistent and you will succeed :) - SuperHuman