<?php session_start(); $el = $_GET['el']; include('newsread.php'); echo ' <html> <head>....... 

If the connection is in this position (before html), an extra line appears. If it is after the break in echo break, then what is in front of it (html and head) is lost. In the inclusive nothing is displayed. What is the problem?

  • And in Russian? - zvlex
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    The extra line you get from the fact that before the '<html>' in echo displays the character of the new line. and this is why it is lost after the '<head>' it is necessary to see how you insert include in the 'gap' - FLK
  • and why do " echo '<html>'; "? why not do it outside php? or something I do not understand? - andrybak
  • Many thanks to all for the help. The problem is include, echo remains in it ... - glarionenko

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 <?php session_start(); $el = $_GET['el']; include('newsread.php'); ?><html> <head>....... 


 <?php session_start(); $el = $_GET['el']; include('newsread.php'); echo '<html> <head>....... 

And before the <html> empty line will not be.