Sobsno wondered whether to shorten the console.log () construct for convenience. Since I often use the console output firebug. I implemented it like this: var cout = console.log; cout ('It's great. But doesn't work in Chrome's console!');

As you understand from the output line, this case does not work in the chrome console. I did not understand the reason. Can you explain? Or tell me another way to cut?

  • Yes. By the way, the other day I tried to do something else like this: function cout (x) {console.log (x); } It seems to be so. I do not remember. I really did not check this method in chrome. - Ghringo

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var log = function(msg){ console.log ? console.log(msg) : alert(msg); } log('Где то пошло, что то не так') 
  • In general, there may be such a situation that the left part of the operator: will not be fulfilled? - Ghringo
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 window.c = function (msg) { console.log(msg); }; c('Тра-та-та..');