The question is what, tell me the algorithm for creating a mail account and a bunch in the database by login. Let's say I have 500 free mailboxes (hosting provides), I have a domain, regular mail protocols, , (for example). and when registering a user, you need to create a crazyuser and create (well, guys, as in life when registering in by login. What needs to be done? As for the database, it is clear what kind of validations, checks, and then entering into the table are some. And creating e mail a?

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    hosting provides

    Hosting provides access only to the hosting control panel. By this, no one user programmatically fail. If you would have your own server, then please at least a million users, but for now you’ll only create hosting users and mail :)

    SSH they hardly give you, and they will not allow you to execute some commands via ssh, including adding a mail user IMHO! None of this hoster will not do. give php and muskul a place so also SSH so that he can sculpt huge projects here, only dedicated servers for such purposes!

    • for now on hands only hosting to create yuzvery and mail by hands as it is, it is possible more in detail, please? :) - Vfvtnjd
    • In the hosting control panel there is an item (if there is one) to create a mailbox. - Artem

    When registering, a home directory is created for each user. In it you make a mailbox. ...home/username/mail/... , and there are incoming, outgoing, etc. But on the hosting, in theory, all this should already be. Or it can be so ...tmp/mail/username/... and in the settings you write the paths for the protocols by which the server will stuff this soap.

    A hosting site is placed on the hosting, in which there is a registration form (with a question to create an account for mail or not), in this form the user fills in the fields, writes his login, which is entered into ($ login) and put in the database. And when you answer yes to the question about mail, a generic template is created ...home/username=($login)/mail... or ...tmp/mail/username=($login)... And all this is generated by PHP 'shny script embedded in the site, which we put on the hosting.

    You can take the finished JUMLA engine, only it is necessary to put the component MAIL, well, it is possible to correct the scripts and settings.

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      Quiet down. Hosters will never allow you to programmatically create mail! DB and real mail are different things, if you hear for the first time, then you obviously should read the literature. A hoster just won't let you create mail from a script. On the person please do not go. To read you the way you write the words with errors "dvuhuha JUMLA" so write schoolchildren. And the mail component will not let you create soapboxes on the hosting! So relax and have fun. - Artem
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