I started to learn web development, I make a website and there will be a lot of text on it, I don’t want to enter text directly in html files, maybe there are ready-made solutions besides cms?

  • Yes, phpmyadmin - Palmervan
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    What about wysiwyg editors? - Deonis
  • I just want to understand the work of all operators, tags, properties, as little automation as possible, phpadmin -on on PeHaPe - I don’t want to learn it, I want some javascript script. - Snaka

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I send everyone there and you, too, HERE'S HERE Normal editor. minimum weight and everything is simple. convenient and easy, what else do you need?

    How ready should the solution be? Here, there is wheat for node.js - its idea is that articles write markdown-syntax and stored in text files (under git control) and the engine will convert them to html.

    You can write javascript code yourself, which requests text files from the server and displays them on the page.

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      A person is just learning how to typeset, and you give him node.js / git - rnd_d
    • I do not offer Haskel. About VCS in general and git with github in particular, you need to know, without them anywhere. And node.js is a pretty simple thing. In wheat, however, the code is rather confused, but if you don’t read it, but simply deliver it, it will be pretty easy. - beardog
    • I agree with you, git / github is our everything, but you still need to be consistent. If without knowing how to program and really typeset, I would start poking git, I would probably become a financier or manager. - rnd_d

    Try tinymce .