Hello everyone, probably someone faced with a site infection, when pieces of encrypted php code got into all php files, please tell me, why did you massively delete this piece of text from all the site files?

  • I usually restore from backup, which I do not forget to periodically do in manual mode or a script. - Deonis
  • take into account! Jino keeps backups only for the last 6 days ..... only 3 pieces. the virus penetrated just a little earlier ... - namak
  • rather makes them every 3 days, and stores only 3 backup - namak
  • Regularly for all files - FLK
  • Usually these pieces are shoved at the end of the file, you just need to cut the end of the file having calculated the number of characters, or with a regular .... give the code and where are these pieces written? at the beginning, end, middle? - Yoharny Babay

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I remembered! Handy File Tool .