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Not sure if the address is a question, but .. there was a problem with authorization via facebook javascript sdk.

Until today, I used the authorization implementation from this guy , the script he has made is clear from the documentation. Just with decorations (the text in the buttons changes and the little things). Everything was fine, but today I noticed that there was a problem with the login. Here you can even see in his example . First log in, then press logout, then try logging in again. It does not work out, because logging out didn’t happen completely. The button supposedly sticks. When you click on it, the firebug issues this: FB.logout () is called without an access token. Those. They also screwed the trip to the token output. Does anyone know how to add it to the script? Or what to do at all?

button.onclick = function() { FB.logout(function(response) { //вот сюда logout(response); //на эту ф-цию не обращайте внимание }); }; 
  • Or maybe someone will share his piece of authorization code on Facebook? - Denis Masster

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The problem was in FB.event.subscribe .

Changed auth.statusChange to another 'listener' - auth.authResponseChange , now everything is as it should)