Greetings to all!

I make a small utility on wp7, android, ios.

On android and ios - $.getJSON - it works fine, both with local json files, and which are located on another server. In WP7 problem: the method does not work. After a long time even on Google - nothing good came across.

Can anyone come across, what could be the problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

  • Try a debugger for a thread. for example for testing applications on different devices is a handy thing. there are others with different possibilities ... [here] [1] video from the author. [1]: - Yura Ivanov
  • It does not work only in wp7. The code is fully functional in itself. - V_Tjuryakin
  • Well, it is necessary to understand at what point falls. open this console, manually drive methods, look for errors if there is one that returns $ .getJSON or better $ .ajax right away ... - Yura Ivanov
  • The fact is that I read on the bourgeois site, that here you need to conjure with the $ .getJSON method, because WP7 is IE. And he has problems with him. - V_Tjuryakin
  • They say you need to use $ .ajax - tried, but still 0. - V_Tjuryakin

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Convert plain text to json can be trivial eval . Try to get json text using $.ajax , and then skip through eval , mb roll.

Also, those who are looking for will always find: Using $. GetJSON in a WP7 PhoneGap (Cordova) app (v1.5)

But in general, I did not know how I got on the topic 10 years ago. It just happened :-)