Details, tabular parts and forms created, and how to write processing for them?

I work on 8.2 thin client.

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    Lika, your question is unfortunately incomplete.

    Version 1C is not specified (7.5, 7.7, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2), if the “eight”, then what mode of work with the directory is intended for the user: “thin client” or “managed application”, will the processing code be executed on the server or client ...

    For a beginner "vosmerochnika" I can recommend the book by MG Radchenko "1C: Enterprise 8.1 Practical Developer's Handbook". It is often found in torrents, and to buy it is not so expensive.

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      and something more normal than Radchenko is in the world of 1C? I started learning - I bought a training kit - I started reading - I didn’t understand - I immediately got rid of my desire, although I was familiar with other programming languages. And here the case came up - 1C-nick came to us to work - they wanted to establish a 1C connection with an Internet store - I ask him - let them give you a dump of the base - and he asks me - what is it? THAT is the feeling that 1C nicknames are generally superficially familiar with bases and what they are eating with - Ale_x
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      @Ale_x Well, not all 1C nicks are so green. Looks like you came across quite a young specialist. For a normal 1C programmer, creating a dump of the base before starting your work is like our father. And about learning programming in 1C for people who see a configurator for the first time, I would recommend the books: "Hello, 1C", V. Rybalka . Or a short video course how to develop a simple application solution . Well, a little of my ad (please do not hit). I lead a programming site in 1C . - AOkipniy
    • Of course there is. But to answer precisely this question this book will be enough. T.b. what it gives and examples of development, and it is for the beginner. Sorry, but, IMHO, the development of the holy war "radchenko" against "nect" will be offtop in this topic. :) - ValeryZ
    • What kind of war is it about? - Ale_x
    • @AOkipniy, ok, I can see your links. - Ale_x