There is a button, it is necessary that there is a glow around, done, in my opinion, with the help of the background. It may be incorrect to express, sorry, I'm just learning. = (

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    Glows are different. There is an internal, there is an external, there is just a lightening of the picture, there is a lightening of the gradient ... What do you need? - ling

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CSS - Pseudo-class : hover is very good for learning!

UPD: @step if so too lazy to look at an example of the link and move the gyrus, here:

a:lihk { background: #786b59; /* Цвет фона под ссылкой */ color: #ffe; /* Цвет ссылки */ } 
  • I need them to just shine not when pointing. - psix

This effect is achieved in CSS3 by imposing additional gradients on the button. It is more convenient to select effects for such buttons not manually, but in various constructors, for example: CSS3 Button Generator .

    Why not use the box-shadow CSS3 property? It gives a wonderful highlight effect. Here is the application:

     box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px 1px #00C; //1 параметр - смещение по x //2 параметр - смещение по y //3 параметр - размытие //4 параметр - растяжение тени //5 параметр - цвет