Hello. I had the following problem - the application uses Jersey api and annotations. May return 2 types of json, xml contents. Request handler prompleno as

@GET @Produces({"application/xml","application/json"}) 

The problem is the following - in the returned content there is a line containing quotation marks "" ". In the case of returning json, the string returns normally, but in the case when xml is returned, quotation marks" "" are replaced by "& quot;". Need to fix it. In other words, you need to somehow reach the jersey config and point it to him so that he does not search for quotes, but passes it on as it is.

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    There was a similar problem, although it was necessary to completely get rid of quotes in json. solved with the help of context-resolver implementation. Here is the link , it can help, I do not remember exactly how I did, the raws are at work ..

      Thank. I solved the problem by adding my own marshaler through the spring.