Began to learn Python, downloaded the interpreter, write code in the file

x = 0 while x<=10: print x x += 1 

I launch it, the console opened, closed. raw_input() added, did not help.

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  • Try running it through IDLE. - ReinRaus 5:56 pm
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    Pyton did not study. Linux made and chmod + x

     #!/usr/bin/python x = 0 while x<=10: print x x += 1 avp@avp-xub11:~/src/ig/web-agent$ ./ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 avp@avp-xub11:~/src/ig/web-agent$ 


    IMHO if you run in Windows in the cmd window or powershell, it will also work. And better, @johniek_comp , you throw this Windows.

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     raw_input(“Press enter to exit”)