Is it possible and by what means to issue java code in a Microsoft Word document? Thank.

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    It is necessary to write a beautiful report to the authorities or there to teach - as I understand it? It is done like this:

    1. Launch Intellij IDEA
    2. Load the file and type File-> Export to HTML ...
    3. Next, the resulting HTML is loaded into Word and we get a very presentable code, with highlighted keywords, and, if necessary, with line numbers.
    4. If you don’t like the formatting of the code, you can choose the style of the code, fonts, hyphenation, curly brackets, etc. through the same IDEA (via File-> Settings-> Code style).

    Update For fans of Eclipse, there is a Java2HTML plugin or its version as a separate Java application that also generates HTML

      Conducted an experiment:

      1. Opened IE
      2. Opened a question on a hashcode, any where the code is colored.
      3. Highlighted the code, pressed ctrl-c
      4. In the Word pressed ctrl-v
      5. Profit

      In other words, unzip the code in html, open it in the Word ...

      • thank! By the way, I did something like this yesterday, formatted it into pastebin and copied it into Word =) The syntax highlighting has been preserved! - Gonza12 2:41 pm

      I understand here the question is in relation to the IDE with which you work.

      I work with eclipse, and for me the problem is solved like this: I copy the code directly from the IDE into word (it is copied along with the formatting). There is only one nuance: if you insert one line or a very small piece (for example, a variable name) in this case the code is obtained with a blue background (where the blue background is, rather, for all this selection). a bug or a feature I don’t know :)

      • OK thanks! Well, that’s not bad either, sort of like highlighting a code =) - Gonza12