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For several days I have been looking for an IDE for programming under C ++. So far, there is nothing but heaps of arguments; I did not find a return to Visual Studio :). I would like a good IDE and not too fancy and not "weak." And so I decided to ask here. Who uses what and why?

Thanks in advance and do not kick please :).

ps. Saw this topic here. But for example, well described and without a single minus (!) There I did not like Eclipse.

pps. Back to VS is not an option.

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    Of all the alternative IDE I've tried, more or less, only Qt Creator and KDevelop can be used. - Costantino Rupert
  • Mapdevelop under Linux = _ =. - Baran
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    Purely for interest: and what VS is not arranged? - megacoder
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    I do not want to breed holivar =) - Baran

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It is difficult to say exactly what you need, because it all depends on your tasks. For example, Dev-C ++ - offsite - (there is also wxDev-C ++ - visual environment) or C-Free - offsite - is suitable for learning C / C ++ languages, as well as writing programs on WinAPI or using OpenGL - or C-Free - offsite , - despite the fact that it is so called there are 2 versions of Standard and Pro (the last paid). I am still learning C / C ++ languages, therefore, I use Dev-C ++ most often, because when I write code in C pure, it allows declaring variables where it pleases (as in C ++), and not at the beginning of the block, as in many other environments. If you need a simple environment with a form designer, then try GcIDE (not found offsite). This environment has a simple form designer, only a few components (mostly visual), which have only a few properties and events, i.e. nothing extra. Where you download it from, you can find many more development environments. I found this Wednesday by chance and decided to try it.

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    Thank you for chewing so much :). - Baran
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    GcIDE can not be downloaded from softpedia: ( - user6550

How about NetBeans ? I personally liked it: fast, comfortable, reliable.

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    I think you got excited about fast :) - Alex Kapustin

QtCreator There is a poll for a poll. Look at the comments and the poll itself)))

    Code :: Blocks is a proven IDE for C / C ++ and Fortran 95. Detailed syntax highlighting, plugins, convenience is all about Code :: Blocks. Plus to the whole Code :: Blocks cross-platform, you do not have to create projects for different IDE on different platforms, if the project is open-source or you have several computers with different operating systems.

    • I use. But I can't help noting the auto-substitution curve, which works fine with C, and C ++ starts to get a little blunt from templates and new features. - HolyBlackCat

    Try VIM

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      The advice is stupid. Firstly, vim is an editor, not an IDE. What is implemented by the plugins to it, does not reach the IDE. Secondly, vim itself takes time / desire to master (the fact that the forces spent on mastering vim pays off, we will not recall now) - alexlz
    • Vim is not an IDE. Overcoming the threshold of entry and installation of a myriad of plug-ins is not worth it. Same Code :: Blocks has everything out of the box. - Vladislav Toncharov

    I like QtCreator more, sometimes I still use NetBeans - it is also quite fast with convenient code navigation and suitable for refactoring.

      Code Blocks, like nothing superfluous, and quite convenient, as for me. Very easy IDE, as already said, nothing superfluous