How to delete the first 5 characters in odd lines of a memo? And show an example of how to do this with even ...

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At least 3 options for checking for parity / oddness. The number a even when:

 (a mod 2)=0; odd(a)=false; (a and 1)=0; 

You can remove the first 5 characters from the str string as follows:

 delete(str, 1, 5); 

ps: and you can still go through one line and get only on even / odd ones.

     procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var i:integer; str:string; begin i:=0; while (i<=(Memo1.Lines.Count-1)) do begin str:=Memo1.Lines[i]; Delete(str, 1, 5); Memo1.Lines[i]:=str; i:=i+2; end; end; 

    Starting with i: = 0 - delete in odd ones, if you start with i: = 1, then we delete in even rows