Attempting to read or write protected memory. This often indicates that the other memory is damaged. Occurs when openFileDialog1.ShowDialog() called. Actually because of what this can happen?

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    Virus, hard disk damage, "twisted" properties in OpenFileDialog1

    • But the fact is that if you create a new form and start OpenFileDialog1 there, then everything is fine, and in other forms of the project too. The problem is in one form from the project. I checked for viruses, did not find them, and I did not change the properties of OpenFileDialog1. - Sharp
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      Then you need the code of the form itself, it is very curious that it can affect this behavior. Maybe during your development in the form editor you did something wrong, so there is still a half-hidden * .designer.cs file. It may break the autodistribution of these files. Please review the code, especially for your component. - semenvx27 1:01 pm