Hello. Made a filter for three values. The filter by group and number works, and by name gives the error Table1:Field 'Имя' not found .

What could be the problem? Values ​​number and group - numeric, and name - string type.

 procedure TForm2.Button2Click(Sender: TObject); begin Table1.Filtered:=true; //фильтровать по группе if RadioButton1.Checked then Table1.Filter:='Gruppa='+Edit6.Text; //фильтровать по количеству if RadioButton2.Checked then Table1.Filter:='kolvo='+Edit6.Text; //фильтровать по наименованию if RadioButton3.Checked then Table1.Filter:='Naimenov_ed='+Edit6.Text; end; 

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    At least this line to the bottom to move.

    UPD Escaping value by name by quotes Name in 'Name'

    • + QuotedStr (Edit6.Text); - Akella225