Powerful editor. Satisfies almost everything. What is missing is a normal code collapse. How to solve this problem? For example, blocks of PHP-code are not collapsed, JavaScript incorrectly collapses. I would be happy to help - annoying prohibitively.

  • Are you not satisfied with WebStorm 4.0? It seems to me that this is the best IDE for javascript / php / css / html / asp net and syntax collapse there .. - Rules
  • @Rules - paid. Sublime Text conditionally paid (annoying dialogue =)) - Zowie

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If I'm not mistaken, inline code folding in sublime does not work by syntax, but by indentation. Observe the indents, and everything will be curtailed =)

Well, two obvious ways, if you are not satisfied with this folding:

  1. Find a plugin (I looked at the package control for the word fold, I did not find it. You can also search the forums here and here )
  2. Write your plugin

    I suppose some users may not be satisfied with the answers “I did not find the plugin,” “you can search the forums” and “write your own plugin”, so I’ll allow myself to add an answer .

    Well, gridsane correctly noted that inline folding in Sublime Text works by indentation rather than syntax. Accordingly, we need to automatically adjust the indents with a formatter (beautifier):

    What formatter for javascript I use and why, see here .

    Demonstration of folding after formatting with js-beautify .

    Crash JavaScript in Sublime Text 3

    I do not know the PHP language, therefore I can not recommend beautifier, based on personal experience. I will only mention that on the English-language Stack Overflow advise the plug-ins CodeIntel and CodeFormatter .