You will have to try to write an application for the terminal (as a mobile phone payment terminal, only at the enterprise, for accounting of attendance by employees, for example).

I understand that a regular web application is being written, and the whole screen (F11) unfolds, and that’s what's going on with the ends? I would be glad of any information, because for the first time I encountered a similar task.

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    It can be both a web application, and applications for Windows / Linux. But it just works in full screen mode. Well, some features are still blocked - task switching, taskbar and the like.

    • My first thought was to turn off the ability to select items on the page, "drag and drop" pictures ... Hang up for all items "onMouseMove = 'return! 1;'", for example. The application for terminals "Kiwi" seems to be spinning just in IE? - Nikoole