I am interested in this question: how to handle a FireBird error about not filling fields with the property not null ? The essence of the problem lies in the fact that I have a form on which there is a button that makes commit transactions, and dbedit , which in turn is associated with a field that has the property not null . Clicking the commit button, while leaving dbedit empty, I get a FireBird error. Is it possible to somehow intercept this error and write your own text in it?
Delphi language.
Thank you in advance for your response.

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    it is better to check the blankness of the fields not in the subd, but before the commit.

     procedure MyProc; begin ... if dbedit.text <> '' then // делаем коммит ... else // не делаем коммит ... end; 

    Even if not such, but a preliminary check of the required fields must be filled.

      Explain, please, what button do you mean: button DBNavigator nbPost or normal Button? In the first case, there is a variable in the Navigator's OnClick handler that corresponds to the Navigator buttons. And in the second - also OnClick. Check the field for emptiness in these handlers, and that's it.

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