Do not count for advertising, here is the page: . Reduce the browser window in width, so that it becomes less than 1024px. Scroll the horizontal scroll bar to the right. The top black block is not stretched to the end of the screen.

alt text

Is there any way to fix this?

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    #top{ min-width: 1024px; } 
    • Thank. This makes the top at least 1024px. And how can I do something that would be like in full-screen mode - from the left end of the browser to the right? - Jakeroid
    • understood nothing. If you add a min-width, then this will not allow the diva to decrease by less than 1024 pixels, but if the screen resolution is larger, it will perfectly stretch to the end - FLK
    • Is it possible to remove this gap? - Jakeroid
    • style.css 208 line #top_content , left:25px replaced by padding-left:50px - FLK
    • It remains the same. Anyway, thank you so much! - Jakeroid pm