There are values ​​that we enter through the form and add it to the database. Next, take from the base values ​​and display them

$s=mysql_query("select * from i_block where id=".$r["id_section"].""); $rr=mysql_fetch_array($s); $ss=mysql_query("select * from i_block where id=".$rr["id_section"].""); $rru=mysql_fetch_array($ss); echo' <br /> <strong style="font-size:13px;">Помещение в аренде: </strong>'.($r["cat_ar"]!=0?'Да':'Нет').'<br /> 

In the final result, we get the message “Room on loan: YES / NO. How to make it so that when yes, it says“ Room on lease: YES ”, and when“ no ”, nothing is written. In terms of this item I apologize if I illiterately explained the question, I have 3 am already, I want to sleep, but I need to draw blood from my nose.

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    if I understood correctly.

      echo' <br /> ',($r["cat_ar"]!=0? '<strong style="font-size:13px;">Помещение в аренде: Да</strong>':''),'<br />'; 
    • Out of desperation, I have already written what first came to mind if ($ r ["cat_ar"] == 1) {echo '<strong style = "font-size: 13px;"> Room for rent - YES </ strong> '; } Your version is quite good! - psix