Is there such? thanks in advance

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  • Not all phones support html5 or flash so I doubt that there is a sense of fooling around over it! - Palmervan
  • What to do tada? - vinnie

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I think you need to go by maintaining all possible options. Well, if you really need it.

  1. html5 video tag, may need to re-encode clips to the appropriate format.
  2. flash player, iphone immediately disappears, yes.
  3. link to the file, for viewing on the internal player of the phone.

Look for examples of the implementation of each of the items on the net, there are plenty of them. All the same it is necessary to test on specific devices ...

Depending on what the phone can or cannot do, the visitor will almost certainly be able to see the video somehow.

  • link to the file, for viewing on the internal player of the phone. HOW TO DO IT??? - vinnie
  • <a href="file.mp4"> look at the internal phone player </a> - Yura Ivanov
  • it should be. after downloading, the user will be prompted to open the file in the corresponding program (if there are several of them, then select which one). PS capslock press. - Yura Ivanov
  • And you can not immediately do so without downloading? More precisely, immediately play to be - vinnie

As far as I know, neither flash nor html5 video do not lose 3gp, but about mp4 you can get wide support for devices (he can switch to flash if there is no support for html5 video) using jPlayer . You can also simply convert 3gp on the server to another format supported by the player.

  • How can I convert on the server? - vinnie
  • using programs like ffmpeg, mencoder, if you have your own server and you can put them. If not, then I'm afraid in any way. Here is a good… tutorial - rnd_d