Hello! Faced a problem: the site has made a new button. When you click should transfer to another site. In the admin did everything, but for some reason does not want to throw. Here is the HTML code:

<p><a title="Лицензионное ПО" onclick="window.open('http://comfy.ua/computer/software.html','','location=yes,scrollbars=yes,menubar=yes,resizable=yes,toolbar=yes,status=yes,dependent=yes');return false;" href="/http://comfy.ua/computer/software.html">Soft </a></p> 

There are already buttons on the website, but I haven’t yet done all the “internal” ones. I tried to register without href and onclick, without a result. Moreover, the link itself does not change - all the same, our website “crawls out” first (http://it-service.comfy.ua/ru), and then the one we want to go to and after clicking it jumps to the main page. Trying to figure it out - this is the problem of the site or in crooked hands, as in programming there is a full kettle. Thanks in advance!

  • Another clever man ... Do not touch to edit, the TC thinks that his question in this form is better read! TC, good luck! - Palmervan

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 <a title="Лицензионное ПО" href="http://comfy.ua/computer/software.html" target="_blank">Soft</a> 
  • Thank you very much! Apparently, the problem is still in the start site, since the code works everywhere, but not where you want it. - Stanislav Jakub