Installed debian with gnome. Applet network manager, did not search for wireless access points, installed wicd - also there is no result. Through ifconfig, iwlist scan connected to wifi via the console, but despite this, the applet still did not display any networks.

As a result, in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and in /etc/network/interfaces replaced the /etc/network/interfaces name wlan0 with ath0 and it all worked. Why didn't wlan0 work? (By the way, the same problem was in ubuntu: in the console, the iwlist scan command did not work with wlan0.)

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    Well, just the driver of your Atheros wifi adapter calls the network interfaces this way .. if I'm not mistaken, then this is the old name .. it was done in the old kernels. In new kernels, the atheros driver creates wlanX names.