The bottom line is that from many components in the WinPhone Framework for some reason, they removed entire pieces. For example, a SortedSet thrown out of SortedSet (obviously, Microsoft believes that it is not needed there).

A similar situation in my opinion with Bitmap, but at least there you can replace it with WriteableBitmap .

Actually the question: how can I shove all this joy back. After all, these types are definitely not dependent on the platform itself, just apparently the desire of the left heel of Microsoft to cut off the framework (why?).

I see two ways:

  1. Create your own class and brazenly describe it. Sternly, it will work, only one devil knows what the source code looks like for the same SortedSet. Can I see it somewhere? While I could not google.

  2. Shove some kind of components from the .Net framework of a normal in a WinPhone project. About the performance of this something I'm not sure.

Still have explanations, comments, suggestions?

I would very much like someone to explain whether it is possible to find the source code for classes from the .Net Framework.

[update No. once] Tin, the further I study, the more amazed at the idiocy of the guys from Melkosoft. Well, why, why it was necessary to throw out the RemoveAll method from the List <T> class? With RemoveAll, I would write a lambda expression, then conjured something with foreach:

 foreach (someType x in files) { if (statement) files.Remove(x); } 

Instead of RemoveAll(x=>y) . I wonder is that correct?

ZY Not. At least not always.

Updated October 30, 2012.

In general, if someone will look for it, and if anyone needs it, there is a third-party "Prism" library for Silverlight, where in the Windows Phone section there is a dll, Microsoft.Practices.Prism.dll

There, the majority of the functionality thrown out. RemoveAll there is at least there.

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    Can I see it somewhere?

    Using .NET Reflector. But keep in mind that there may be calls to unmanaged libraries that are not in Windows Phone.