How to show today's date? date("Ymd H:i:s",time()) seemed to help, but for some reason it constantly shows the number 1970-01-1 03:00 The date("Ymd H:i:s",time()) function date("Ymd H:i:s",time()) shows date at the user or server? If the user, then how to make it show on the server?

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     date("Ymd H:i:s"); 

    shows server date.


    get rid of seconds: php

     echo date("Ymd H:i",strtotime($row['date'])); //или echo substr($row['date'],0,-3); 


      select date_format(date,'%Y-%m-%d %H:%i') as date from table 
    • Put the date ("Ymd H: i: s"), when inserted into the database, why only Ymd is inserted, when outputting the date from the database, 1970-01-1 03:00 is displayed. Request for date ("Ymj H: i", $ row ['date']); Field type date - rimlin pm
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      In the database, you need to change the field type to TIMESTAMP and for output in this case, you should not use the date () function - FLK
    • thanks, everything is fine. Just how to remove seconds? Removed from the insert request. instead of seconds he puts 00 - rimlin
    • in the database, in any way, just do not display them - FLK
    • I changed the time to $ time = date ("Ymd H: i") ;, but it still inserts seconds, only not real, but 00. How not to output? If we make a date back ("Ymj H: i", $ row ['date']), then it again outputs 1970-01-1 03:00. If simply $ row ['date'] then it will be 2012-04-12 22:59:00 - rimlin