Made the program. I want to sell it. The license mechanism for registration keys, which are limited in number, and they are all generated in different ways. Activation takes place via the Internet.

The question remains - how to organize the sale on your site, or through third-party services.
I somehow don’t want to deal with WM certificates (I would like if I lived much closer to their institutions)

In general - share your experiences, gentlemen. Or give links, because Google has not given it to me yet.

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    To sell programs is a thankless task. This will not earn. Sell ​​need to solve problems (individually). - avp
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    I love the Russian mentality. Not a word on the topic, only dissuasions - to challenge and retrain all. But I bet you have a little plus. And if on the topic of your comment - I sell the solution to the problem, in the form of an algorithm (program). About the automation of similar actions heard? - andrewshka

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In the capitalist world, in which we live for happiness or unhappiness, a division of labor operates.

In this case, it is expressed in the fact that those who write programs do not sell, and those who sell programs never write them. Both do both at the same time - it does not work.

Find someone who will sell your prog and that's it. Usually these sites are engaged in all sorts of content aggregator sites. There are many of them, put your program there - usually intermediaries take from 10% to 50% of the revenue (depending on the level of greed). Googling with shareware + download keywords - hang out on, - is it enough?

    I think you can try on and similar sites. Not very popular in runet.


    Here it turned out to sell 1 script, which was just laid out, because did as a solution to one problem to the customer and designed as a plugin.