Good afternoon, dear experts.

The bottom line: I have a table already 26 columns. There are already 9 indexes in the table, in the fields containing keys on the parent tables. I want to put down indexes on the fields containing time stamps, in the future there are still possible fields that are also desirable for indexing.

Question: Is there and if exists, what is the limit on the number of indexes (indexed columns) in the mysql table (5.0.77)?

PS: I saw only a question about the limit on the number of indices in mssql .

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    at 4.0.20 it was 32 in 5.x.x - xs ...

    26-column tablets don't look like that, think better about the question of database refactoring

    • Yes, I myself feel that this is not the wrong place. I apologize for the arrogance. Do not tell me the literature or article on refactoring? I know how to use Yandex, I would like something that helped you in your personal experience. - City