There is such a code * I think they understood the essence of the question. :)

  • And they are aligned exactly in width and in your example. Maybe you had another I will enter? - ArchDemon

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Set the width in%, this will solve the problem

.spf .category { width: 33.3%; } 
  • What are you minusuet man for? All right said. .spf .category { width: 33.33%; } need to. - SlyDeath
  • @SlyDeath Most likely, the minus was automatically set by the system, as the low-quality response filter worked. - Nicolas Chabanovsky

Like this property:

  • No, not out. It must be on the other apparently. Test on The blocks should be identical. Maybe I just made a mistake somewhere? - kise97

replace 1st line

  <span class="spf"> на <div class="spf"> Чтобы окружить встроенные данные, используйте тег <span>, а чтобы окружить блок данных – <div>.