You need an application for android, companies require 270 thousand. P, before that I was only engaged in web programming. I learned about all the tools for creating applications, stopped at Eclipce + PhoneGap. But here I immediately encountered a problem, this is a huge, countless number of css classes for elements in jquery mobile UI. It was so inconvenient that even a horizontal search form was hard to fit, everything moved for a very long time, and I decided to learn about other frameworks, almost all UIs behave disgustingly, and then I came across a tool, great visual building elements, and other cool stuff, but they also have their own nuances. And then a question arose. Are there any thread tools for eclipce + PhoneGap that allow you to edit everything visually as well, then just watch the sources html5 + css3 + js (jquery), IDE in general for PG. ???

How else can a web programmer make an application for Android?

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    I like Titanium Studio

    Prog is super. Programs for IOS and ANDROID. Just a pity that I do not know how it is with the GUI.

    And you can learn here .

    • I'll try it, but the topic was about IDE for PhoneGap. - chuikoff

    In our company, RhoMobile is actively promoting. The part that is responsible for the actual customer (Rhodes) is free and open. The principle of MVC construction based on HTML + CSS + JS. It is portable between iPhone, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7. If desired, you can develop in the cloud. For a web developer, it might be interesting.

    • He I understand with Ruby tied? - chuikoff
    • Yes, there is a tight ruby ​​start. - stanislav
    • I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Ruby. - chuikoff

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