Hello everyone, I recently bought Visual Basic for Professionals in ITnerNet Magazine, relying on this book for more in-depth study, got the book and read one quarter of the book, talk about how to declare a variable, how to assign a value to it, what an event , how to call them and others ... then the question arises, why the book is called Visual Basic for Professionals , or such a question, why do professional people talk about how to declare a variable? Just want to know what it is? I just see it not in the first ...

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    Maybe there is a tiny star there, and on the last page it says "for gaming business professionals." In short for any other professionals) - ivkremer
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    Would you give a link to the book, or at least the author - Alex Kapustin
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    This is just an advertisement .... crap - AseN
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    Why write this in books? The answer "for volume" is suitable? In general, "Visual Basic for Professionals" - by itself determines the level of professionals and books for them. - alexlz
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    @ Angus123, if it were written there for the profane , then no one would have taken it in hand. - avp

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Do not pay attention to the subtitles and slogans.

  1. It may be just the name of the series, the book family of the publisher, united by a common design and volume of volumes :)
  2. This may be a book in which there are sections devoted to the non-trivial possibilities of the technology in question, but generally intended for a wide audience, including an unprepared one.
  3. This may be a book designed for professionals who are not familiar with this technology in general. For example, an introduction to Java for C ++ programmers.

I have rarely acquired books for a long time, and if I do this, it is only after reading the contents of the electronic version in advance and making sure that the book is worthy. In the end, in the store to look through the book for ten minutes, too, no one forbids.

    Well, it is not clear what is there specifically. Maybe it's really crap, and maybe there, for example, some deep details, aspects of the work of lower levels are told? Then, IMHO, for professionals.