Good day, I have the n-th number of arrays of rows, I need to display 3 arrays on the A4 page of the Word. The text itself is displayed in the Word

Memo1.Lines.SaveToFile('Ôàéë.doc'); Shellexecute(handle,'open',pansichar('Ôàéë.doc'),nil,nil,sw_restore); 

Tell me, please.

  • The size of the array is known in advance or not? - IntegralAL
  • the array is dynamic, the dimension is set by the user in edit. but I understand that dimensionality is not needed there .. just output in order of 3 arrays .... just don’t understand how (need page breaks in Word - Smile

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Memo1.Lines.SaveToFile writes to a text file with one extension .doc - it cannot be turned into a Word.

If you only need a page break, use RichText and write to rtf, use the \page tag to break pages.

About the rest you can see here: Rich Text Format (RTF) .

Or use COM or OLE to access the Word.

  • Thanks a lot for your help. ) With rtf it turns out. - Smile
  • one
    Well, if the help of the Galtsu was put :) - Vahan Av