Is it necessary to save favicon in ico format? Browser and png understand (at least Chrome)

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    PNG, as the icon format is understood by all "normal" browsers: MF, GH, Opera, Safari; But IE does not accept this format for the site icon.


    IE generally perceives a lot of things differently than normal browsers. After all, everyone knows that IE is essentially a dead man ... I don’t even know why Microsoft continues to advertise it ...

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      Despite the fact that IE kakashko - this is the first browser (based on it all others appeared, a lot of things were introduced by MS first) + it is still one of the most popular browsers in the world (actually, why should MS score on it ?) Besides, IE 10th will be an absolutely normal browser (with rare exceptions, for example webgl), so I, to put it mildly, disagree with the fact that IE is dead, do not think that idiots work in MS. PS: I am not a supporter of MS (seen from Ava: D), moreover I am not a follower of IE (IE must die, but he will not die because he is worth a lot of money and smart people) - Zowie
    • @AlexWindHope, I agree with you ... IE won't really die, but Microsoft has too much reshuffled it with its implementations of existing technologies, or rather with their modifications. So, for example, if in normal browsers everything related to encoding works well, then IE will have to tinker. I also heard that the processing of JS scripts in IE is also specific. But nevertheless, if you create a project purely for IE, then it will seem very convenient, but in that case you can not say anything about cross-browser compatibility ... - AseN
    • To be as precise as possible, this is the rest of the browsers that made up "their" implementations (IE also knew how to do so many things before the existence of standards ). And questions encodings, etc. easily explained by the fact that IE, just plain old man (if you consider ie7-). @Asen - there were times when there was no point in writing anything for other browsers, those times were gone, IE remained, what was MS’s fault? (in this case, it is simply not there) Well, then MS needed to rebuild under w3c, which they, as they could, actually did ... - Zowie
    • Is IE the first browser? For some reason I thought that Netscape, which is now called Mozilla, and, according to history, became popular (this does not mean the best), only because MS built it into Windows, having beaten off the desire of housewives to put something else. - Gorets
    • @Gorets - where I wrote that this is the best browser? When I wrote the first browser, I meant the first large-scale browser used, will there be more questions? - Zowie

    You can write for normal browsers:

    <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="/fav.png" /> 

    And for Micro $ oft IE:

     <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/" href="/fav.ico" /> 

    Or even score on M $ IE.

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      It is generally meaningless. If you have already made ico, Does it make more png to attach? - inferusvv