Good afternoon.

I am trying to figure out how to send entries to the wall of VKontakte, mana on the VKontakte API give only parameters, the essence is not clear to me. As I understand it, you need to use

Need to:

  • to give the user the opportunity to click on the link to send a record (which I will ask) to my wall;
  • be able to carry out my tasks (entering some data through ajax in for example)

No need to paint the parameters that are described here , you need a simple example of implementation. I would be grateful for the detailed response.

Thanks a lot in advance.

  • What is the language? - VioLet
  • If you're talking about server, then php. - Ozim
  • I just thought there was enough js for such a simple functional .. - Ozim
  • Add to the tags better, and then> when you click on the link is not very noticeable (maybe you write something desktop). - VioLet

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Understood, maybe someone will need

<div onclick="sendwallpost('Мой текст сообщения');">отправить</div> <script language="javascript"> VK.init({ apiId: 11111111 // id созданного вами приложения вконтакте }); function sendwallpost(mydata) { VK.api("", { owner_id: '', message: mydata }, function (data) {}); } </script>