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Dali here course - a database of the hotel system. I know that the course is the simplest. Recently I started learning PHP + MySQL and already managed to comprehend all the beauty, convenience of MySQL. So the question is: is it possible to connect to MySQL databases from C ++ and store everything there, retrieve and execute queries from the program? 99.9% sure that you can. You can give an example of connecting and sending requests with their subsequent processing in C ++. Coursework at MFC.

I can not answer your questions. Found the answer (true for C, but it will go): MySQL - Interface for C (C API) .

Thank you all for your help.

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    See . You may need to download headers and libraries. in ubuntu it is libmysqlclient-dev, as it is called in Windows - you need to watch it More link: - alexlz
  • By the way, there is also a binder for C ++ - skegg
  • Yes, like not one. But should they be crossed with MFC? - alexlz
  • Standard Fenstersweg - ODBC. Download from . Among the advantages - it is easy to replace the DBMS with another. Or even without a DBMS (I worked with dbf'kami through ODBC) - alexlz

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I can advise Qt . Some information on Qt + mysql here: QT and Databases . Hold in your hands .

  • Sorry for not writing. Coursework on MFC. So QT does nothing ( - Ray