Hello. There is such a question. I wanted to make the display of tabular data from a form without a table. If doing so

<label>Фамилия:</label><p>Surn</p><br /> <label>Имя:</label><p>Name</p><br /> 

they are displayed as something unnatural. Too long distances between lines. I do not want to use the table. Styles are:

 label{ display:block; width:150px; float:left; } 

Tell me to put <p>Surn</p> instead of it so that it is displayed exactly as if there is a table. Thank you in advance.

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    If only the distance between the lines confuses, comes to the rescue

     line-height, padding, margin 

    In general, it is sometimes good to use "CSS RESET" and redefine everything anew.