Can we play flv on android in VideoView/MediaPlayer ? WebView can’t offer the option with WebView , because I personally saw, say, take a lot of contact players (my goal is similar), then they are not losing the video in WebView . Any ideas?

  • Need to play flv or streaming info, video / music? If streaming data, then @Server offers the correct option. For what is the FLV? In the VC is the data stream over TCP, any player that supports its format, can pick up and lose. If, on the other hand, you need a player that is able to perform flash animation, then there is nothing to help so far, except for WebView or @DroidAlex advice. - Dex

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There is no native support for flv in Android: Android Supported Media Formats .

Are you sure that in Contact .flv, and not .mp4, and if so, why are you sure that it is not WebView and why not use it?

P.S. In no case do not spread the controversy, I myself am also interested.

  • I read on Habré how to extract the URL from the contact. There's only flv. Decompilar adj (VKontakte video viewer) there was MediaPlayer how he couldn’t work with flv could find out, decompil ... - AndroidDev
  • @AndroidDev, I've asked this question quite a while ago, maybe you will find something useful for yourself. - Dex
  • Saw already. There is not an option about WebView - AndroidDev
  • Please share the solution if you find it. - Sever
  • one
    I solved the problem of playing flv, broadcasting via RTSP. - Sever

Alternatively, go down to the bottom, using the Android NDK and write your container for flv if at all possible. Well, this is the toughest tin. On Habré there was an article where a person experimented with the audio subsystem in Android. Look, it may come in handy.

Another option is to find a library.


The third option is to convert or find or advance flv-file in a format supported by the platform.